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Display Tech to Watch This Year: Multitouch Catches Fire

Touch-screen panels have been around for more than a decade, but it was the 2007 introduction of a multitouch screen in Apple's iPhone that galvanized the...

Cloud to Lower Bar and Intensify Competition

By 2020, the low cost providers won't be running on legacy architectures, says Premier 100 keynote speaker Frank Wander. You need to get ready -- and fast.

The Dark Side of Digital Life

Glitches are a part of digital life. Unfortunately.

The Dark Side of the Digital Life

Analysis: Painful, amusing, and excruciating glitches that are part of the routine in tech.

Will Touchscreens Kill the Keyboard?

Typing more than a few sentences on the virtual keyboard of an iPad or other tablet is a pain in the neck. That experience is about to get a whole lot better.

Will Touchscreens Kill the Keyboard?

Thanks to a handful of emerging technologies, virtual touchscreen keyboards are getting closer to the feel of real electromechanical keyboards.

Mobile Phones Poised to Replace Traditional Desktop Hand Sets

Consumers continue to say the long goodbye to landline telephones.

Networking Gear Goes Green

Servers get most of the glory when it comes to energy management, but networking gear is about to catch up. Here's how to green your network.

Comcast: to Defend or Not to Defend

Bloggers debate over whether Comcast's recent action against L3 was legitimate or not.


My Virtual Machine Killed My Sony

Scot Finnie, Computerworld's editor in chief, gave me some simple advice when I first set up the MacBook: Cut over completely.


The Scary Side of Virtualization

At the Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders conference in March, one CIO stood up to express his unease about the security of a virtual infrastructure that has...

Beware the All-Powerful Administrator

In an unchecked, unmonitored virtual environment, administrators are all-powerful -- and that's not a good thing, consultants and IT executives agree.

iPod Not So Sleek After Battery Swap

Apple's underground profit center: repairs and parts replacement that third-parties simply can't handle.



Best Password Managers: Top 4 Reviewed

These four password managers (1Password, Clipperz, LastPass, RoboForm) offer security anytime, anywhere

Ice Balls Help Data Center Go Green

Green isn't usually the first color that comes to mind when one visits the hot, dry desert climate of Phoenix, where temperatures recently topped 109 degrees.