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Google Knows Even More about You Than You Think

Google may know more about you than your mother does. Got a problem with that?

Ink Jet Printers Tell White Lies and Flatter Endlessly

The more flattering the photo, the more likely you are to print more, which helps sell more paper and ink.

Identity Finder Unearths Secrets Hidden in PCs, Macs

We search four computers with Identity Finder and find more personal information than is comfortable.

IT OKs Windows 7

After taking a pass on Vista, organizations are ready to commit to Microsoft's new OS.


The Windows 7 Procrastinators

Although some large shops are delaying Windows 7 implementation, observers caution not to wait too long.

Turn Privacy Debate on Its Head, Says Researcher

Lack of U.S. privacy regulations could stymie scientific research, warns Carnegie Mellon professor and machine learning researcher.

Your iPhone May Be Snitching on You

Sure, the Web knows more about you than it should. But the future is all about what you're doing right now — and your iPhone knows all about you in real-time.