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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- Just Not Your Password

In the wake of a breach, researchers typically focus on the poor password choices of users, but reuse is a much greater threat.

How We Moved Almost Everything to the Cloud: 5 Lessons

Companies that move to the cloud have a whole host of decisions, one of the first being whether to develop their own software on top of a cloud infrastructure or not.

Botnets Rebuild After Rustock Takedown

Multiple security providers see more malicious activity, as botnet operators attempt to grow their networks of compromised computers.

How to Shrink The Data Center: 4 Lessons Learned

The business that manages New York City's hospitals consolidates 11 data centers into two facilities, dispensing with two-thirds of their physical servers for a predicted savings of $70 million over 5 years. Consider these four tips.

Hackers Step Up Attacks on Security Firms

As attacks on the security infrastructure increase, we must ask if the firms responsible for our safety can protect themselves, much less us

DroidDream Turns Androids Into Zombies

Further analysis finds that the 50 malicious applications removed from the Android Marketplace include dropper functionality.


Google Invites Hackers to Break In

The online giant kicks off an experimental program that allows security researchers to find bugs in its site

Microsoft Wants 'Sick' PCs Banned From the Internet

The software giant is calling for a collective health policy to certify a computer's health and restrict the Internet access of PCs infected with malware.

Lesson From Latest Twitter Attack: Don't Hover?

The choice for Internet users seems increasingly to be between usability and security.

Inside One Firm's Private Cloud Journey

Travel booking and expense firm Concur Technologies uses virtualization and an infrastructure-as-a-service model to slash costs and deployment times for internal...

5 Tips from Hackers on Cloud Computing

Tales from the dark side of cloud computing caution about ongoing security issues.

Should Your Next Notebook Be a Netbook?

Despite the down economy this holiday season, netbooks are finding strong demand.

Use Encryption to Safeguard Your Data

Encrypting your hard disk to protect your data doesn’t have to be a daunting task, thanks to a large number of practical tools.

Leopard One Year Later: 5 OS Lessons Learned

Apple's Leopard version of its Mac OS X added more polish and features to the Mac desktop -- and carried with it important lessons for operating systems of the future, even for arch-rival Microsoft.


Five Ways IT Can Avoid a Privacy Lawsuit

Violating an informal privacy policy is a no-no, a recent court ruling found. CIOs can take some important lessons about text messaging and privacy away from the case of Quon v. Arch Wireless.