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Robert McMillan is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

After Stuxnet, a Rush to Find Bugs in Industrial Systems

Hackers help hunt vulnerabilities as organizations become more receptive to dealing with issues spotted by outsiders.

Man Charged With Hacking Scarlett Johansson, Other Celebs

A 35-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on charges that he broke into the email accounts of numerous Hollywood celebrities and stole private photographs and...

111 Arrested in Massive ID Theft Bust

Prosecutors call it the biggest identity theft bust in U.S. history. On Friday, 111 bank tellers, retail workers, waiters and alleged criminals were charged with...

From Friends and Fans, Tributes to Steve Jobs Pour in

As news of the death of Steve Jobs spread around the Internet, accolades arrived from all quarters.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Advises Users to Disable McAfee Plugin

It's the last thing McAfee would want users to hear about one of its products.

On the Front Line Against the Next Stuxnet

Homeland Security runs training exercises to help organizations of all kinds prepare for the next aggressive global worm.

Microsoft Kills Off a Botnet by Striking a Domain Provider

Microsoft opens a front in its ongoing battle against Internet scammers, using the power of a U.S. court to deal a knockout blow to an emerging botnet. Hacked to Serve Malware

The website for the open-source MySQL database was hacked and used to serve malware to visitors Monday.

Alleged LulzSec Sony Hacker Arrested

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Phoenix student, claiming that he is one of the LulzSec hackers responsible for a database attack on Sony...

Man Stole Data From U.S. Service Members via P2P

A California man who dug up sensitive information belonging to U.S. service members on peer-to-peer networks, and then used it to order iPods, cameras, and even...

Judge Strikes Part of Oracle's Java Lawsuit Against Google

A federal judge threw out a small part of Oracle's Java lawsuit against Google on Thursday but allowed the bulk of the case to proceed.

SAP Pays $20M to Settle Criminal Charges in Oracle Case

SAP has agreed to pay just over US$20 million to settle a criminal case brought against its TomorrowNow subsidiary.

U.S. Launches Criminal Probe Into EBay-Craigslist Dispute

The U.S. Department of Justice has opened an investigation into whether eBay executives broke the law and stole trade secrets while sitting on the board of...

With Help From Intel, McAfee Links Security to the Chip

Nearly seven months after Intel shelled out US$7.68 billion for antivirus vendor McAfee, the two companies are offering a glimpse of their future.

Anonymous Supporters Claim NBC News Twitter Hack

Hackers calling themselves the Script Kiddies took control of the NBC News Twitter account and used it to send out a series of hoax tweets.