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In Iran, New Attack Escalates Ongoing Cyberconflict

A cyber-attack linked to Iran this week is the latest in a string of cyber-events that some say represents a new step in a shadowy and long-running war between...

Update Java and You May Get Annoying McAfee Scanner Too

Windows users who install the latest Java security patches may end up with a little more security than they bargained for, at least that's the risk they take if...

Student Used Spyware to Steal Passwords, Change Grades

A former high school senior from Orange County, California, has pleaded guilty to charges that he installed spyware on school computers in order to boost his...

Man Charged With Hiring Pump-and-dump Spam Botnet

A Texas man was charged Monday by the U.S. Department of Justice with helping to inflate the prices of penny stock companies by promoting them with a...

Man Who Stole Goldman Sachs Code Gets 8-year Sentence

A former Goldman Sachs computer programmer has received a stiff prison sentence for stealing source code used in the company's high-frequency trading system.

ICANN Approves .xxx Top-level Domain

The adult entertainment industry now has a home on the Internet: It's called .xxx.

With Rustock, a New Twist on Fighting Internet Crime

For more than 24 hours this week, it was a question that very few security experts could answer: Who had knocked the world's worst spam botnet offline?

RSA Warns SecurID Customers After Company Is Hacked

EMC's RSA Security division says the security of the company's two-factor SecurID tokens could be at risk following a sophisticated cyber-attack on the company.

With Hacking, Music Can Take Control of Your Car

About 300 years ago, the English playwright William Congreve wrote, "music has charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." This...


Stepping out From Hurd's Shadow, HP Looks to the Cloud

Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker took a step out of Mark Hurd's shadow Monday, unveiling a new cloud computing platform that puts the company in competition...

New Attacks Leverage Unpatched IE Flaw, Microsoft Warns

UPDATED: The bug was disclosed in January, but it's now being used in targeted attacks.

FTC Officially Closes Twitter Security Investigation

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has closed the book on its legal action against Twitter, stemming from two 2009 hacking incidents.

Defense Contractor Charged With Stealing Secrets on Laptop

A former engineer with U.S. military contractor L-3 Communications is facing as much as 20 years in prison on charges that he illegally exported military data to...

Top Student Charged With Fixing Grades for Cash

A Nevada student who gave the opening address at his high school graduation last year has been charged with breaking into his school district's computer system...

Not-so-great Firewall of Libya Is Switched on

As it wages an escalating civil war, Libya has once again cut Internet service in and out of the country.