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Robert McMillan is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Man Gets 7 Years for Forcing Modems to Call Premium Numbers

A New Hampshire man who made US$8 million by installing unwanted dial-up software on computers and then forcing them to call expensive premium telephone numbers...

Malware Ads Hit London Stock Exchange Web Site

Visitors to the London Stock Exchange's Web site were hit with malicious ads over the weekend, designed to pop up fake security messages on their computers.

Bing Twitter Account Goes Oscar-crazy

The Twitter account used to promote Microsoft's Bing search engine went slightly bonkers Monday afternoon, posting a deluge of pre-Oscar party photos.

Accused AT&T Hacker Makes Bail

One of the two men accused of hacking AT&T's website to grab personal information about thousands of iPad users has been released on bail.

Intel Completes McAfee Acquisition

Intel has completed its US$7.68 billion acquisition of security vendor McAfee, the chip maker announced on Monday.

Hacker Writes Easy-to-use Mac Trojan

In a sign that hackers, like everyone else, are taking an interest in everything Apple, researchers at Sophos say they've spotted a new Trojan horse program.

China Cleans up Spam Problem

It's been a few years coming, but it looks like China may finally be getting a handle on its spam problem.

US Cybercrime Complaints Fell 10 Percent Last Year

The U.S. agency that tracks complaints of criminal activity on the Internet reported Thursday that fewer people complained about Internet fraud in 2010 than in...

Microsoft Fixes a Security Bug in Its Virus-scanner

Microsoft has patched a bug in its malware scanning engine that could be used as a stepping stone for an attacker looking to seize control of a Windows box.

Belarus Man Pleads Guilty to Running Identity Theft Site

A 26-year-old Belarusian man has admitted to running an identity theft website designed to thwart the antifraud measures used by many banks.

Iranian Cyber Army Strikes Again -- Hitting Voice of America

The pro-Iran hacktivist group that defaced the Baidu and Twitter Web sites a year ago has hit another target: the U.S. Government's Voice of America news site.

As Violence Escalates, Libya Cuts off the Internet

With violence escalating, Libya is pulling the plug on its Internet connection.

Romanian Pleads Guilty to Role in $2.7M EBay Scam

A Romanian man has pleaded guilty to participating in a well-organized scam that took in about US$2.7 million from unsuspecting users of online marketplaces such...

China Denies Role in Reported Government of Canada Hack

The Chinese government is denying any involvement in a reported cyberattack on the Canadian government, which was ultimately traced to a Chinese server.

Hacked and Now Vandalized, HBGary Pulls out of RSA

The California security company that is at the center of a controversy over a plan to discredit WikiLeaks and its supporters abruptly pulled itself out of the...