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Hong Kong Police Say They've Arrested Stock Exchange Hacker

Hong Kong police have arrested a local man in connection with an Aug. 10 computer attack on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

HP Lowers Financial Guidance With WebOS Shutdown

After pulling the plug on its webOS phones and tablet computers Thursday, Hewlett Packard said it expected to be less profitable during its current fiscal quarter.

The Collar Bomber's Explosive Tech Gaffe

The man who claimed to have attached a bomb collar to an Australian high school student two weeks ago thought it would be a good idea to leave a ransom note on a...

ICANN Chief Beckstrom to Step Down

While heading the Internet management organization, he oversaw expansion of top-level domains -- including the XXX adult content designation -- and prepared for a technological leap to IPV6.

Fired Techie Created Virtual Chaos at Pharma Company

Logging in from a Smyrna, Georgia, McDonald's restaurant, a former employee of a U.S. pharmaceutical company was able to wipe out most of the company's computer infrastructure.

Cell Phones Stay On, but Protesters Disrupt SF Subway

San Francisco's commuter railway left mobile phone services untouched during a closely watched protest Monday, but for many commuters that didn't matter because...

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

FCC Looks into BART Mobile Phone Shutdown

The operator of a San Francisco area commuter train line may have to answer to the FCC for its unannounced shutdown of access to mobile phone services.

Bay Area Transit Police Cut Mobile Service to Thwart Protest

BART says it cut phone services out of safety concerns, but riders question logic of preventing emergency calls.

Study Finds Android App-makers Careless With Some Data

A lot of the software written for Google's Android mobile phones falls short when it comes to user privacy and security.

South African Police Arrest Man for Selling Jailbroken PS3s

South African police have arrested a 28-year-old Johannesburg man accused of selling jailbroken Sony PlayStation 3 machines and pirated game software.

Booz Allen CEO Downplays Effect of Anonymous Hack

A July cyberattack on Booz Allen Hamilton will not materially harm the company's bottom line, its CEO said Tuesday.

Build Your Own Camera, Launch It Like a Grenade

Meet the Firefly, a wireless camera that's shot 500 feet in the air by a grenade launcher -- and a hacker's dream.

AntiSec Hackers Dump Data After Hacking Police Websites

The war between law enforcement and the Anonymous hacking collective continued this weekend as hackers dumped a 10 gigabyte database that included private...

Three Tips for a Better Anonymous

Has the Anonymous movement reached a midlife crisis?

The Undetectable Malware That Real Hackers Don't Seem to Want

An undetectable rootkit developed several years ago hasn't gained traction among cybercriminals--thankfully.