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Robert McMillan is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Spam King Sanford Wallace Indicted for Facebook Spam

Notorious spam king Sanford Wallace is facing federal fraud charges for allegedly breaking into Facebook accounts and sending 27 million spam messages in 2008.

A Power Plant Hack That Anybody Could Use

A security researcher discovered a way to bypass security measures and hack power plant control equipment.

Sarah Palin Hacker Moves to Halfway House

David Kernell was convicted last year of breaking into to Sarah Palin's Yahoo e-mail account during the 2008 presidential election.

Does the Mac Have an Edge Against State-sponsored Hacking?

When hackers broke into Google's computer network nearly two years ago, their first step was to take over Microsoft Windows machines running in the company's China offices.

Anonymous Releases Documents It Says Came From ManTech

As promised, members of the Anonymous hacking movement have released hundreds of megabytes of documents that they say were stolen from government security...

Facebook to Pay Hackers for Bugs

Facebook is going to pay hackers to find problems with its website -- just so long as they report them to Facebook's security team first.

US Phisher Who Hit 38,500 Gets Long Prison Sentence

A California man was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison Thursday for his role as the brains behind a widespread phishing scam that took in more...

Beware of 'wrong Transaction' Hotel Spam

If you get an e-mail message telling you a hotel has erroneously charged your credit card account, be careful. The odds are that it's part of a new spam campaign...

'War Texting' Lets Hackers Unlock Car Doors via SMS

Software that lets drivers unlock car doors and even start their vehicles using a mobile phone could let car thieves do the very same things.