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Citi Hackers Made $2.7 Million

Citigroup suffered about US$2.7 million in losses after hackers found a way to steal credit card numbers from its website and post fraudulent charges.

AT&T IPad Hacker Faces Jail

UPDATE: The first of two hackers charged in AT&T iPad security breach enters a guilty plea.


AT&T IPad Hacker Pleads Guilty

A 26-year-old man who last year helped hackers steal personal information belonging to about 120,000 iPad users pleaded guilty to fraud and hacking charges.

FBI Hits Latvian Scareware Peddlers Who Infected 1 Million

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken aim at two Latvian gangs that allegedly made tens of millions of dollars by sneaking fake virus warnings onto...

Brazilian Government, Energy Company Latest LulzSec Victims

Websites belonging to the Brazilian government and energy giant Petrobras were knocked offline Wednesday in a series of cyberattacks.

Despite Arrest, Lulzsec Sails on

The hacking group known as LulzSec pledged to continue their online rampage Tuesday, a day after U.K. police arrested a man allegedly affiliated with the group.

Google Disputes Possible $6 Billion Java Lawsuit Price-tag

Google may owe Oracle nearly as much money in damages as Oracle paid to buy all of Sun Microsystems, according to Oracle's paid expert in the companies' Java...

Man Charged With $1 Million Extortion Hack at ODesk

An Indian man has been charged with breaking into a company's Internet domain name registration account as part of a US$1 million extortion attempt.

Fraud Starts After Lulzsec Group Releases E-mail, Passwords

Debbie Crowell never ordered the iPhone, but thanks to a hacking group known as Lulzsec, she spent a good part of her Thursday morning trying to get US$712.00 in...

Court Says Comerica Bank Must Pay After Customer Is Hacked

A Michigan court has ruled that Comerica Bank is liable for a US$560,000 cyberheist, saying the bank should have done a better job to spot millions of dollars in...

LulzSec Attacks Gaming Sites ... Just for Laughs

The hacking group known as LulzSec called it Titanic Takeover Tuesday. Gamers called it by a variety of names, many of which cannot be reprinted here. But for...

Lulzsec Sets Sights on U.S. Senate and Game-maker Bethesda

The Lulzsec hacking group continues to cause headaches for IT staffers. On Monday it published data it obtained from servers belonging to the U.S. Senate and...

Is It Time for RSA to Open up About SecurID Hack?

For any company that makes its living selling security, it's a nightmare come true. This week, RSA Security admitted that hackers who broke into its network...

Siemens Fixes Industrial Flaws Found by Hacker

Siemens has fixed bugs in its Simatic S7 industrial computer systems, used to control machines on factory floors, power stations and chemical plants.

Police: Mac Technician Installed Spyware to Photograph Women

He was hired to fix their computers, but police say that Trevor Harwell instead installed spyware software that took candid photos of his clients.