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Robert McMillan is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Oracle Fixes 17 Bugs in Java Security Update

Oracle has issued an update to Java SE that fixes a number of critical bugs in the widely used Internet software.

After Hack, RSA Offers to Replace SecureID Tokens

In an acknowledgement of the severity of its recent computer compromise, RSA Security said Monday that it will replace SecureID tokens for any customers that asks.

After Delay, Hacker to Show Flaws in Siemens Industrial Gear

A security researcher who says he's found serious problems with Siemens computers used in power plants and heavy industry is now expecting to go public with his...

Police: Man Stole Nude Photos From Hacked E-mail Accounts

A 24-year-old Florida man was arrested Thursday on charges that he broke into women's Web mail accounts, looking for explicit photos to post online.

U.K. Man Arrested on Facebook Hacking Charges

A 26-year-old U.K. man was arrested Thursday on charges that he tried to hack into the Facebook social-networking site.

Sony PlayStation Network's Post-hack Freebies Now Available

Sony has made a promised "Welcome Back" promotion available to PlayStation Network users who lost access to the company's online gaming service, some for more...

Hotmail and Yahoo Users Also Victims of Targeted Attacks

Web mail users at Yahoo and Hotmail have been hit with the same kind of targeted attacks that were disclosed earlier this week by Google, according to security...

Facebook Video Scam Puts Malware on Mac and Windows

Facebook seems unable to stop scammers from circulating malicious Web links that install fake antivirus software on victims' computers.

Google Says Phishers Stole E-mail From US Officials, Others

Google has disrupted what it believes to be a targeted phishing campaign aimed at stealing e-mail from government officials, contractors and military personnel.

Mobile Phones Are Great for Phishers, Researchers Find

Computer users seem to be getting better at spotting fake websites that are trying to steal their passwords, but when it comes to mobile phones, the deck is most...

Insider Data Theft Costs Bank of America $10 Million

A Bank of America insider who sold customer data to criminals cost the bank at least US$10 million in losses.

Hackers Steal Hotmail Messages Thanks to Web Flaw

Criminals recently spent more than a week siphoning e-mail messages from Hotmail users' accounts, thanks to a programming bug in Microsoft's website.

Sony Says Hacker Stole 2,000 Records From Canadian Site

The problems keep coming for Sony. On Tuesday the company confirmed that someone had hacked into its website and stolen about 2,000 customer names and e-mails.

Ballmer: Windows 8 Is Coming in 2012

Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system, dubbed Windows 8, will debut in 2012, company CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday.

Siemens Says it Will Fix SCADA Bugs

Siemens is working on a fix for some serious vulnerabilities recently discovered in its industrial control system products.