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Robert S. Anthony is a New York-based technology journalist. He writes a tech blog called The Paper PC.

Classroom Conundrum: Take One Tablet, One Laptop, or Both

For students, whether to choose a laptop or a tablet may not be obvious. But in some campus scenarios, one device may have an edge over the other.


Shoe-Shopping Goes High-Tech at Aetrex's Computerized Shoe Store

Shopping for new shoes? Aetrex wants you to dive feet-first into its computerized foot-measuring gizmo.


BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Fresh Facebook App, But No Native E-Mail or Android Emulator Yet

Revised Facebook app adds video uploads and and other minor tweaks; PlayBook Tablet OS gets a little polish with support for new languages, in-app purchases and more--but native e-mail app and Android still missing.

Hands-On With New Barnes & Noble Nook

New Nook challenges Amazon's Kindle with its simplicity, light weight and snappy, monochrome display.


Barnes & Noble Unveils New Nook E-Reader

The Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader just got an overhaul. The new version of the device is 35 percent lighter than the original Nook and uses a 6-inch E-Ink Pearl display.

Robot Luggage Handler Highlights Futuristic Hotel

It looks like something out of The Jetsons--or maybe RoboCop--but the luggage-toting Yobot robot at the glitzy new Yotel New York hotel is turning heads near Times Square.


RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: The First Apps

We look at the initial crop of apps—good and bad—to appear in the BlackBerry App World.

Nintendo 3DS Takes Manhattan Four Days Early

Enthusiastic Nintendo reps hit the streets of Manhattan to show off the 3DS, the first portable Nintendo game console with a 3D screen that doesn’t require 3D glasses.


BigShot: Digital Camera Kit for Kids Seeks Grown-Up Funding

DIY photography kit for children developed by Columbia University students ready to launch—a few dollars from now.


Archos 32 Internet Tablet: Close, but No Cigar

This shirt-pocket-size Android digital media player sounds great and looks like a smartphone, but its less-than-stellar display holds it back.


Vudu Heads to Boxee Box Device for On-demand Movie Rentals

Walmart and D-Link partner on putting Vudu video streaming service on upcoming Internet TV box called Boxee Box


Barnes & Noble's NookColor, A Closer Look

The Nookcolor brings brilliant color, various flavors of content sharing and even a parent-saving children’s book reader to the nook family


Microsoft Announces Office 2011 for Mac

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the official release of Office 2011 for Mac, featuring a completely reworked user interface

iRobot Demos 'Shape Shifting' Next-Gen Robots

With technology ranging from clearing caves in Afghanistan to scooping potato chips from under couches, iRobot tries to cover the bases with its home-grown robotics technologies


Sony Debuts HDTVs with Google TV Baked In

Sony's new televisions will show a range of Internet content without a settop box.