Robert S. AnthonyContributor, PCWorld

Robert S. Anthony is a New York-based technology journalist. He writes a tech blog called The Paper PC.

Windows Phone 7 Wins With Office Mobile Revamp

Office Mobile reinvents itself with large icons and sliding windows. Gone are the tiny icons and radio buttons and--at last--the stylus.

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft Antes Up in Smartphone Race

Microsoft’s revamped smartphone OS proves long on features and Web integration, but lack of outside software begs the question: Where’s the app for that?


Keeping It Simple: Curtain Rises on Logitech Revue Google TV Box

Logitech’s Google TV Box comes to Best Buy, Amazon and the company Web store by the end of October


A Bose TV? Sounds Good - Literally

Bose jumps into TV market with VideoWave entertainment system, which includes a 46-inch 1080p HDTV with built-in sound system.


Plantronics Savor M1100: Sit Back, Speak Up, and Tweet

This Bluetooth headset and the new Vocalyst service combine to create a versatile product that can take dictation, send e-mail, and upload Twitter updates.


Bright Colors, Snazzy Style Highlight Holiday High-Tech Goodies

From retro-handsets you could crack a walnut with, to stylish digital music players, and $100k bluetooth headsets made from pearls here is a sneak peek at colorful 2010 holiday gear.


Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Up Close and Personal

Get a close-up look at Samsung's Galaxy Tab.


Panasonic Debuts First Consumer 3D HD Camcorder at U.S. Open

Stereo lens adapter plus smart processor turns lightweight 2D unit into effective 3D video solution.


PayPal App Lands on Droid X: You're Welcome

The popular PayPal App was mysteriously missing from Motorola's fashionable Droid X until this week. You can thank PC World – in part - for making it happen.


A Portable 3D Blu-ray Player? Not Quite

Samsung introduces 3D-capable portable Blu-ray player, but you need to connect it to an HDTV to see in 3D.


How to Protect Your Smartphone's Valuable Data

Today's sophisticated handsets store vast amounts of personal information, and the theft of smartphones is on the rise. Here's how to protect your phone's data.

Hot Gadget Preview for the 2010 Holiday Season

The mercury may be pushing 90 in New York, but that hasn't stopped some tech firms from dreaming of snowdrifts and cool holiday tech gear. Here is a sneak peek at what they'll be pushing in December.

Sneak Peek at Hot High-Tech Gadgets for the Fall

You don't have to wait for November to get a jump on the tech shopping season. Here are the hottest gadgets coming out this fall.

DirecTV, Panasonic Partner On Dedicated All-3D Channels

With the touch of a button Thursday morning, three new DirecTV 3D channels went live with a selection of sports, entertainment, documentary and other programming.


Samsung Galaxy S Shines: First Impressions

In sunshine or darkness, its stunning Super AMOLED display provides rich colors, jitter-free video, and an all-round excellent viewing experience.