Robert S. AnthonyContributor, PCWorld

Robert S. Anthony is a New York-based technology journalist. He writes a tech blog called The Paper PC.

Jabra Takes Noise Cancellation to an Admirable Extreme

Dual-microphone Bluetooth headset minimizes extraneous sounds very well while cutting a nice profile.


Samsung Lays Claim to World’s Fastest Blu-ray Drive

New 12X Blu-ray drive sets speed standard, external DVD writer slims down and new hard disk squeezes more data into less space.


Who Needs a Widget? Philips Lets You Stream Any Content from Laptop to TV

Philips Wireless Media Connect streams any content, including HD videos and Skype video to its 7700 Series Eco TVs. No extra hardware needed.


Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset: Comfortable and Customizable

This is a solid Bluetooth headset unit for anyone who is willing to spend a little time fine-tuning the audio.

HP Knocks Print Drivers Off Information Superhighway

Need to print? Just e-mail the document from any device to the new wave of HP ePrint-capable printers. No drivers needed.

Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset: There's an App with That

The first wireless headset with its own personalized iPhone app hits AT&T stores June 6.


Need an Extra Terabyte for Your TiVo? New App Lets You Link to an HP MediaSmart Server

HP’s MediaSmart Expander for TiVo Lets You Transfer Video Content between TiVo and Network-Connected HP MediaSmart Server


Samsung’s 3D TVs: Bold and Bright

Samsung’s 3D TV technology arrives in new LED, LCD, and plasma TVs; new content arrives from DreamWorks and Samsung’s new HDTV apps store.


Samsung’s 3D Glasses: Fast, Fitted, but only for Samsung TVs

Samsung’s 3D glasses will come in three flavors at prices from $150 to $200, but don’t try to use them on other brands of TVs.


Samsung Introduces eReader

New e-reader lets users write in margins, highlight text and save bookmarks for later use and share content with other users.


Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset: Stylish Looks, Handy Charger

This pocket-friendly headset with a travel-size charging base offers convenience, high-quality audio, and extra hours of talk time when you’re away from an AC outlet.


Aliph's Attractive Jawbone Icon Is an Upgradable Bluetooth Headset

Smaller, smarter ,and glitzier, Aliph's new series of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets aim to combine good looks with a customizable, voice-driven interface.


Samsung Focuses on 3D LED TVs, Apps for TVs and Content for 2010

Pencil-thin LED TVs, a new Samsung Apps store and partnerships with DreamWorks, Technicolor and Google highlight a raft of CES announcements.


Pioneer In-Dash Navigation System Gets New Touch Interface

In-dash navigation system offers 6.1-inch color display, generous connectivity options, and finger-friendly menus.

Video: Flying Quadricopter Drone Controlled by an iPhone

Bluetooth gadget manufacturer, Parrot, unveils toy helicopter and real-life video game that's controlled with an iPhone or iPod Touch.