Robert S. AnthonyContributor, PCWorld

Robert S. Anthony is a New York-based technology journalist. He writes a tech blog called The Paper PC.

Windows 7 Launch: Plain and Simple

Today's event lacked the glitz and glamour of past Windows launches, as Microsoft seems poised to let Windows 7 sink or swim on its own merits.

Android Donut is Served: Tastes Pretty Good So Far

On the surface, 1.6 doesn't seem like a big update--but there are some sweet surprises under the hood.


IREX DR800SG: The Flip Side of Digital Reading

Company introduces large-screen e-book reader.


Pharos Traveler 137 Smartphone (Unlocked)

The sophisticated Pharos Traveler 137 smartphone is packed full of useful features, but it doesn't have much style--for the moment.


Flexible Displays: Ready to Wear?

Researchers have developed a way to make flexible LED displays. Could wearable displays be next?


Maxthon: Pop Goes the Video

A test build of the Maxthon browser has a new feature that detaches video from Web pages.


Samsung Reclaim (Sprint) Cell Phone

Samsung’s Reclaim proves that a cell phone can be ecology-conscious and sophisticated at the same time.


Samsung Reclaim: Sprint’s Lean, Green Smartphone

Samsung's Reclaim marks Sprints entry into green phone technology.


Sharp Adds LEDs and Size to Aquos HDTVs

Sharp enhances the LE700 and E77 series LCD TVs with LED backlightinig and power-consumption controls.


Motorola's Karma QA1 Phone Hits Market Today

AT&T Wireless is selling the GSM phone, which builds in keystroke commands for common social network sites.


Jitterbug J: Keeping it Simple

Just out of the shadow of a product recall, Great Call is back with the sleek Jitterbug J, a new addition to its line of easy-to-use handsets aimed at seniors, as well as new services and call plans.