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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

The Web's Best Travel, Shopping, and Dining Sites

Whether you need to arrange a flight, find bargains, or make a restaurant reservation, these 13 sites--from Kayak to Craigslist to OpenTable--will make it easy.

The Web's Best Productivity Sites

From Gmail to Xmarks to Wolfram Alpha, here are the 20 best sites and services for getting work done, keeping your schedule in order, finding useful information, and more.

The Web's Best Entertainment Sites

Looking to enjoy video, music, and photos on the Web? Want to stay on top of your social connections? Keep these 13 sites and services--including Netflix, Facebook, and Tumblr--on your must-visit list.


Simplify Shopping With OurGroceries (It's Not Just for Groceries)

Share multiple lists with multiple people and stay on top of your shopping needs through the holidays and beyond.

Holiday Tech Wish Lists On PCWorld Podcast #101

What do PCWorld editors want for Christmas? Listen in to find out. (It's not too late to buy us gifts!)


Wikileaks and Top Tech Stories of 2010 on PCWorld Podcast #100

PCWorld editors discuss great moments in Wikileaks history and the future of the service on the 100th episode of our podcast.


Master Your E-Mail (So It Doesn't Master You)

Staying on top of the constant flood of new messages requires a solid strategy. Here are seven tricks to help you take control of your inbox, be more responsive, and get more done.

Send and Receive Faxes Without a Machine With PamFax

The inexpensive PamFax services let you stay in touch with fax die-hards--without devoting money and space to a fax machine.

Six Tablets to Watch

These half-dozen tablets offer some idea of the different sizes and focuses of new models that are popping up in this rapidly evolving category.


What the Ultimate Tablet Might Look Like

The category became revitalized relatively recently, so it's hardly surprising that the perfect tablet has yet to appear. But we have some ideas about what features such a mythical model might possess.


Why Your Next PC Will Be a Tablet

Sleek, ultramobile computers are transforming the tech landscape. Here’s what you need to know about the new spate of slates.



Stay in touch with fax die-hards without devoting money and space to a fax machine.

Facebook Updates, Near-Field Communications, and 25 Years of Windows on PCWorld Podcast #99

Facebook adds new messaging features and cuts a deal with MySpace, Android to get Near-field Communications (NFC), and we look back on 25 years of Windows.