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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

RockMelt Goes Beta, Black Friday Starts Early on PCWorld Podcast #98

The new RockMelt browser promises a more social Web, and Black Friday Bargains now start in October.

12 Amazing Productivity Boosters

Manage to-do lists, capture ideas, and overclock your workday (and home life) with these essential apps for getting things done.

23 Tech Terms We’d Like to Ban

These technology buzzwords are overused and abused--but clichéd as they are, they refuse to die. Please help us stamp them out.


Facebook Deals and Awesome Things You Shouldn't Do on PCWorld Podcast #97

Facebook's new Deals feature gives us a legitimate reason to mess with location-based services, and we explore awesome things to do with your PC that may bend the rules a little.

100 Best Products of the Year on PCWorld Podcast #96

Join the editors of PCWorld for a look at some of the hottest products of 2010.


Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead

If Linux ever had a shot at becoming a major desktop OS, that moment has now passed. Here's why Tux is headed for a dead end on the desktop.


New Rules for Online Living

The technologies that drive our world have become increasingly social, calling for a new set of rules and customs to govern everyday interactions. Here are 25 essential guidelines for life in the social media age.


Samsung Galaxy Tab: The Tablet Comes of Age

Apple's iPad gets its first serious challenger as Android powers a tablet for the rest of us.

Root Android the Easy Way

Add advanced features, customize the interface, and boost your handset's performance by rooting your Android phone.

Facebook 'Places' Service Adds Location-Based Features

New location-based Facebook service integrates with Foursquare, Yelp, and other sites, but could soon replace them all.

Google Voice Failures: Lost in Transcription

Google’s Web-based phone service sends voicemail transcripts to your inbox. Whether they make any sense is another matter entirely.


Evernote Trunk To Add Hundreds of Apps and Features

With the help of some 2,000 third-party developers, the Evernote note-taking service is about to get a bunch of big upgrades.

8 High-Tech Father's Day Gifts Dad Might Really Want

Tired of getting Dad neckties and grilling tools? Follow our handy gift guide if you need fresh ideas for Father's Day--or if you just want to admire the things your kids aren't getting you this year.


Facebook's Zuckerberg Answers Critics With New Privacy Controls

In the wake of heated criticism over Facebook's data-sharing policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils new options for user privacy.

Secure Your Android Phone

Protect your Android device--and the data stored on it--with built-in tools and helpful third-party apps.