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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

Manage Files and Documents on Your Android Phone

For photos, spreadsheets, text files, presentations, and more, Android apps can help you get serious work done.


Manage Music With Android

Get your groove on wherever you go, with Android's music player.


52 Incredibly Useful Sites: The Full List

Here's our entire collection of the best, most practical Websites, arranged by category.

13 Terrific Sites for Managing Media and Sharing Files

Working with photos, music, and video? Citrify, Dropbox, Livecage, and other online services can help with editing, organizing, and distributing those large files.

16 Productivity-Enhancing Websites

Organize your life, finish tasks, and control your budget with the help of Evernote, Mint,, and other online apps and services.

10 Great Shopping, Dining, and Travel Websites

Need advice on how to make a great tech purchase, where to spend a night on the town, or where to hit the road? Try Measy, OpenTable, SeatExpert, and other useful online services.

13 Top-Notch Web Services for Business and Communication

Huddle, Meebo, Yammer, and other online services can help you collaborate with colleagues and get in touch with partners and clients.

iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps

With its reflective display and heavy chassis, the iPad is far from ideal for serious reading, but its selection of e-book apps makes it more versatile than most e-readers.


What to Do When You Lose Your Tech Gear

When your cell phone, laptop, or other gear goes missing, these essential tips will improve your odds of recovering it­—or ensure that the lost item won’t come back to haunt you.


Mozilla Prism

This freebie--available as as standalone and as a Firefox plug-in--lets you put Web applications on your desktop.

PhoneFinder with Google Maps

With this app installed on your Windows Mobile phone, you can find the phone if you lose it.



This app helps you keep track of a wayward smartphone.


MyBackup Pro

Back up your Android phone's data with this software and service.


SANDRA 2011 Lite

Tune up your PC with this set of benchmarking and diagnostic utilities.

Small-Business Tech Makes a Big Showing at CES

CES isn't just for consumer gear. Here are eight cool gadgets that will make business-types drool.