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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

Google's Nexus One: First Look

Google's Android 2.1 OS is now available on the HTC Nexus One phone. Here's an early look at the new device.

Droid vs. iPhone: Smartphone GPS Shootout

Which smartphone GPS app reigns supreme? We pitted Google Android's free app against the $100 TomTom for iPhone, and found a clear winner.

The Web's Most Illogical Arguments

Everywhere you look online, people are debating something. But not all arguments are created equal. Here are ten of the most common logical fallacies you'll encounter on the Internet.

Google's Chrome OS Aims to Speed Up Netbooks

Look for Google’s lightweight, browser-based operating system to debut on mobile systems sometime in 2010.

Microsoft Fix it 50319

Remedy a specific Vista-to-7 upgrade bug with this automated fix from Microsoft.

Gboard Automates Gmail Tasks

A new keyboard add-on puts the most common Gmail operations at your fingertips. I took it for a spin to see how it works.

Fix the Most Common Windows 7 Upgrade Problems

Upgrading to Microsoft's latest OS can be fraught with frustration for some users. Here's how to tackle the three biggest showstoppers.

Black Friday Doorbusters Are For Suckers

Think lining up before dawn will get you the best tech holiday deals? Don't get taken by retail advertising gimmicks.

Underwhelmed By Chrome OS? That's Kinda the Point

Google's newly unveiled operating system has many critics unimpressed, but Chrome OS is meant to be lean, fast, and simple, not flashy.

Google Chrome OS Unveiled: Speed, Simplicity, and Security Stressed

Google demonstrated for the first time its Google Chrome OS, a Web-centric operating system set to be officially released late 2010.

The Future of Linux is Google

Google's slow, steady march into the OS realm has begun to pay off. It's time for the Linux world to rally.

My First Weekend With the Moto Droid

Three days into life with the Droid, here's one editor's take on Verizon's new smartphone.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet

This Android-powered player crams a ton of Internet and multimedia features into its slim frame, but it still needs some refinement.


Take Your Work Into the Cloud With a Web OS

Web-based computers let you work on your files from any device without having to carry anything with you.

Hardware Firewalls Bring Big Security to Small Businesses

Protect your company with an inexpensive unified security gateway.