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Robert Strohmeyer is a veteran business technology journalist and the founder of Startzilla, a social toolset for entrepreneurs.

Will the iPhone Kill the Kindle? No Way.

Five reasons Apple's jack-of-all-trades smart phone still can't hold a candle to the Kindle for eBooks.

Amazon Kindle: A Road Warrior's Best Friend

Forget design aesthetics. Forget the look and feel of paper. When it comes to pure utility, the Amazon Kindle is the ultimate traveling companion.

Google Latitude: An In-Depth Look

Take a walk through Google Latitude's location-tracking features, on the Web and on our BlackBerry.

No Jobs, No Apple?

Despite all its success in recent years, can Apple really survive without its obsessively tyrannical leader?

Windows 7 Public Beta: First Impressions

Is Windows 7 shaping up to be the cure to Vista's many woes? We took the public beta for a spin to find out.


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Debuts New Scanning Features at CES

The new Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 boasts a host of new document handling features to help users get more organized with fewer hassles.

Pocket Credit Card Reader Takes Transactions on the Go

The ProPay MicroSecure Card Reader weighs in at a scant 1.4 ounces, fits into a shirt pocket, and securely stores up to 71 transactions at a time.

7 Apple Products That Would Have Been Cool

Apple's Phil Schiller put on a triumphal snoozefest in his Macworld 2009 keynote. Here are seven cool product concepts we would have loved to see him announce.

The 7 Worst Tech Predictions of All Time

The only thing we love more than a visionary is a visionary with really bad eyesight. Here now is a brief history of the world's most dunderheaded tech predictions.


Is It Time to Buy a Netbook For Your Business?

Netbooks are cheap, ultra-mobile, and selling like hotcakes. But is now the time to buy some for your mobile workers?

Ubuntu Linux: The Easy Installation Guide

By default, the easy installation for Ubuntu Linux leaves many of the operating system's best and most basic features partly disabled or limited. We show you how to bring out the full potential of this free OS.


10 Invincible Gifts for the Cubicle Warrior

If your workplace is like a war zone, add these combative time wasters to your arsenal so you can dominate the office battlefield.

Protect Your Data With a Secure Portable Drive

Traveling with sensitive business information can be risky. A hardware-encrypted hard drive can keep your files locked up on the road.

Apple MobileMe Syncing Service

Apple's updated syncing service is a disappointment for PC users.


Intel Releases Moblin Into the Wild

One year after announcing its homegrown mobile Linux project, Intel prepares to hand Moblin over to the open source community.