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The pseudonymous author Robert X. Cringely® has been covering the foibles and follies of Silicon Valley since 1986, and writes InfoWorld's Notes from the Field blog. With a fedora on his head and a keyboard in his hands, he wrangles rumors, gathers gossip, and reports the stories the world's high-tech honchos don't want you to hear.

Consumer Watchdog Thinks Google's Schmidt Is a Data Perv

A consumer rights group has created a cartoon showing Google CEO Schmidt as an child-baiting ice cream truck driver and put it on a billboard in Times Square. Who's being evil here?

Attack of the Flash Cookie Zombies

Adobe Flash cookies are at the heart of three federal lawsuits that allege they violate your privacy and help advertisers track you across the Web.

Why Google Live Search Creeps Me Out

Google watches as you type in search words and displays "live" results in real time -- in this search experiment, we're all guinea pigs.

Microsoft: Stick with What You Know, Even If It Sucks

Microsoft needs better products -- not ill-advised marketing campaigns or promotional websites -- to truly challenge Apple.


Sex-Crazed Tech CEOs Should Be Seen and Not Hurd

Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd taken down by a sex scandal? Next we'll find out that Steve Jobs is really a woman.

Net Neutrality: What's the Price?

Analysis: Talks by Google and Verizon raise worries among net neutrality advocates even as the FCC shifts its stance.