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The pseudonymous author Robert X. Cringely® has been covering the foibles and follies of Silicon Valley since 1986, and writes InfoWorld's Notes from the Field blog. With a fedora on his head and a keyboard in his hands, he wrangles rumors, gathers gossip, and reports the stories the world's high-tech honchos don't want you to hear.

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Readers serve up strong opinions on Apple and Adobe, Facebook and privacy, and Obama and tech.

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The uber CEO is at it again, engaging in flame email wars with bloggers over the iPad, Flash, and Apple's quest for total control.


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After being thoroughly spanked for its privacy sins, Facebook may finally be ready to listen to its users.

Why Can't Apple Keep Any Secrets?

It appears that yet another Apple iPhone prototype has gone on a walkabout -- and this time not merely to a beer garden in Redwood City.


Does Obama Secretly Hate Technology?

Buckle your seat belts, Cringe fans, it's time for more Obama drama.