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The pseudonymous author Robert X. Cringely® has been covering the foibles and follies of Silicon Valley since 1986, and writes InfoWorld's Notes from the Field blog. With a fedora on his head and a keyboard in his hands, he wrangles rumors, gathers gossip, and reports the stories the world's high-tech honchos don't want you to hear.

Apple's Jan. 27 Super-Secret Event Explained

The rumors they are a-swirlin' — here's what Apple's magical mystery event is all about.


Google, Facebook, Privacy, and China

So far, 2010 has started off with a bang. Google decides to take on Apple in the ultra-smartphone market, while Apple appears on the verge of creating yet another new touchscreen device.


Google Finally Translates 'Don't Be Evil' into Mandarin

Google made a very public show of walking out while not actually accusing the Chinese government of anything -- in all, nicely played.

Facebook Puts Your Privacy on Parade

Once again Facebook is involved in a privacy imbroglio, and once again it's because boy-founder Mark Zuckerberg opened his yap and stuck his Keds-clad foot inside.

Roxxxy Sexbot Is Not Your Daddy's Droid (Hopefully)

The sci-fi future that was promised to be here by 2010 hasn't really arrived. Two exceptions? Roxxxy the sex robot and the InterWebs


Google's Nexus One: It's the Store, Stupid

So on Tuesday, Google did indeed unveil the Nexus One "superphone," and yet life is strangely similar to how it was on Monday.


How to See Past the CES 2010 Hype Machine

What's the most overhyped tech on display in Vegas this week? A look back at 2009 offers some clues.

Google's Nexus One Will Need a Killer Store and More

Can Google free us from the headlock our wireless carriers have got us in? Maybe. But it'll take more than one phone to do it.


World Domination Boils Down to Apple vs. Google

Google's Nexus One phone and Apple's (alleged) iSlate tablet are merely the beginning of a long battle for world domination.


2020 Forecast: How Tech Will Change in the Next 10 Years

Will Google still dominate the Web? Will Microsoft even exist? Here's what the tech world might look like a decade from now.


Top 10 Stupid Tech Moves of 2009

What do Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and AT&T have in common? They all brought low comedy to high tech this year.