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Redmond, Sidekick and Other Tech Catastrophes

Microsoft may have recovered most of the missing Sidekick data, but the bigger point remains: We're dependent on tech. When it screws up, more important things than data can be lost.


2009: The Year Your Data Died

For a while there it looked like 2009 would be remembered as the Year of the Dead Celebrity. But it's rapidly becoming the Year the Data Died.

Your Data Is More Delicate Than You Think

Data disasters at Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook all in the same week mean one thing: Your data — and the Net itself — are a lot more fragile than you may realize.

Microsoft Mess Spells Danger for T-Mobile

A Microsoft subsidiary just lost the data for thousands of mobile users, which may end up killing the T-Mobile Sidekick.


ZDnet/Iran Hubbub: A Cautionary Web 2.0 Tale

A prominent blogger accuses Yahoo of human rights violations, Yahoo denies it. Who's right? Who's the Yahoo now? Who knows?

This Blog Brought to You by the Federal Trade Commission

Bad news, freebie bloggers: The FTC is coming down on you like a tray of dishes -- and not just on bloggers, but anyone who uses social media.

Tablet PCs, Meet Toilet PCs

You can't stumble around the Internet these days without bumping into it. News, rumor, speculation, and hot gossip about -- no, not David Letterman's love life.

Why Are Tablet PC Rumors So Hot?

Tablet PC mania is gripping the Net. But whether it's the Apple iPad, Microsoft Courier, or HP Whatever, one device alone won't be enough.

Windows 7: The Hype Is Coming

Listen closely. Can you can hear it? It's the kapocketa-pocketa-pocketa of the Microsoft hype machine, as the Windows 7 launch bears down upon us.

The Redmond Hype Machine Revs Its Engines — Again

What's that awful noise? The sound of Microsoft's hype machine, grinding away to tout Win 7. Will this be the time Redmond finally gets it right?

Computer-Competency Tests Should Be Required

Think of it as a 'computer driving test' that could reduce malware threats and cyberscams by making users smarter — or at least, not so stupid.

Twitter, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sadly, the demise of the world's most famous microblog is upon us. Twitter is dead because it is now so popular that the spammers and the scammers have arrived in force.

The 8-hour Laptop: Don't Hold Your Breath

Hoping laptop battery life will improve in the future? A university professor says battery life has actually gotten worse in the past 20 years.

Can Google Save Your Local Paper? Not Likely

I may post a blog entry three times a week, but I'm still an old newshound at heart. My soul is covered in newsprint.

Readers React to Gmail, Amazon Blunders, and Government Spying

It's time once again to recap the best of what's been pouring into my mailbox (now that my e-mail is working again). Here's what the residents of Cringeville had to say.