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The pseudonymous author Robert X. Cringely® has been covering the foibles and follies of Silicon Valley since 1986, and writes InfoWorld's Notes from the Field blog. With a fedora on his head and a keyboard in his hands, he wrangles rumors, gathers gossip, and reports the stories the world's high-tech honchos don't want you to hear.

Say Nopa to SOPA! Now What?

Yesterday's Internet silence grabbed headlines, but real progress won't be made against online piracy unless we follow the money.

10 Predictions for 2012

Cringely breaks out the divining rod and Ouija board to come up with his top 10 tech predictions for the new year.

The 10 Dumbest Tech Moves of 2011

He's been making a list and checking it twice, trying to find out who's naughty and, well, naughtier. Here's Cringely's bottom 10 for 2011.

The Latest Fanboy Obsession is...Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft appears to have a hit mobile OS on its hands, according to Cringely's readers.

The Internet is Not Solely Populated by Pirates and Thieves

Comedian Louis CK bets on fans' better instincts -- and they happily pay for his online offering. Ball's in your court, RIAA.

A Windows Phone Worth Buying? It's a Mobile Miracle!

News flash: You may actually like Windows Phone 7.5 (aka "Mango"). It really is the magical time of the year.

Pointless Internet Surfing: It's the American Way

Got nothing better to do? Go online! According to Pew Research, that's what more than half of America already does.

The Freedom to Tweet: Not Applicable in Thailand or Kansas

The First Amendment may not apply overseas, but a high school student in Kansas reminds us of its importance at home.

Golden Gobblers 2011: The Biggest Birdbrains in Tech

Analysis: Who are the tech turkeys of the year? Cringely has the answers -- and they're more fowl than you can imagine


Microsoft's 'Secret' Social Network Not So Secret Any More

Redmond seems to be cooking up a social network/search hybrid after all. Welcome to its Google+ killer, social -- er, socal -- no, Socl

RIAA: The Courts Don't Get Copyright Laws

Not content with its legal victories over individual file swappers, the recording industry wants judges to punish ISPs too.

When You Tweet, the CIA Listens

Analysis: The CIA's 'vengeful librarians' monitor millions of tweets each day. Are U.S. spooks spying on your Twitter account, too?