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The Huffington Post: The Hamburger Helper of Web Journalism

New York Times editor Bill Keller called Arianna Huffington the nastiest name he could think of: content aggregator. He's absolutely right

Facebook Comments: The Death of Online Anonymity

Facebook wants to manage the comments on your blog (and a million others). Say hello to the Facebookization of the Web and good-bye to online anonymity

Facebook and iPad: Leading the Pack in Fake Internet Rumors

According to the Internet, a Saudi prince is buying Facebook, and Apple will offer a white iPad. It just goes to show you that the Internet can be wrong.

Apple: You Say You Want a Revolution?

A furor is rising over Apple's new subscription plans. If Apple doesn't respond quickly, its iPad empire could topple.

IBM's Watson Makes It Official: Humanity Is Toast

"I for one welcome our new computer overlords," says Ken Jennings, the guy who used to be the world's biggest "Jeopardy" egghead. It's the beginning of the end for our kind.

Is Google Corrupt?

Google was thoroughly conned by SEO experts hired by JCPenney. Can we trust its search result rankings at all?

AOL Buys Huffington Post, Kills Quality Content

AOL is back, baby. And by "back," I mean back to being ridiculous. Its latest move: buying The Huffington Post for an astounding $315 million.

Microsoft Bing: Powered by Google?

Analysis: Google has accused Bing of stealing its search results. It's fight time in the search world.

Do You Know Who's Tracking You on the Web?

Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla say they want to clear the fog around targeted advertising, but it may be too little, too late

Do You Know Who's Tracking You on the Web?

Imagine a creepy guy wearing a ski mask and a trenchcoat, following you around and scribbling down every place you visit, every item you peruse, and every action. Now lets talk about how you're tracked online.

The Verizon iPhone, Microsoft, Intel, and Google Kick Off 2011

Wait! What? Those names sound a lot like 2010's newsmakers, but judging by Cringe's inbox, the tech giants are on your mind

Can Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?

Stop me if you've heard this one: Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave from Apple.

The World, According to Michael Arrington

Ah, AOL -- just when it looked like you were about to slip into boring mediocrity, you surprise us yet again with your antics.

Verizon IPhone: Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

We're not even two weeks into the new year and we've already enjoyed our first completely overhyped story of 2011: the Verizon iPhone.

CES 2011: Where Tablet PCs and 3D TVs Ruled

My pockets are stuffed full of business cards from people I do not remember meeting and I can't find my pants. That can only mean one thing: I just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show.