The three biggest mistakes made by security pros

Here's the flip side of last week's post on security missteps made by senior management. The takeaway? Know your priorities and work down the list -- now.

The Two Most Feared Attacks -- And How to Avoid Them

Large organizations with ample resources quake in their boots over two common security threats. Here's your best defense.

Why You Can't Dump Java (Even Though You Want To)

So many recent exploits have used Java as their attack vector, you might conclude Java should be shown the exit.

Spoiler Alert: Your TV Will Be Hacked

With rising popularity of Internet-enabled TVs, the usual array of attacks and exploits will soon be coming to a screen near you.


5 Big Security Mistakes You're Probably Making

Companies get hacked so often you'd think it was magic, but it really stems from chronic inability to follow basic security.

Defeating Hackers and Malware With Disorder

Security company Vigilant leverages the laws of probability to detect maliciousness in data and on machines.

Cyber Crime in 2025: New Threats Mingle with Old Risks

As our physical and digital worlds become more networked, cyber thieves will use time-tested techniques to pull off scams.

Security Headlines You'll Never Read

News about successful hacks isn't news at all because no one is doing security right and everyone's been breached.

Mobile Security Fails the History Lesson

Hackers use the same attacks against mobile devices they've yielded against PCs, yet we've learned nothing.

How to Deny DDoS Attacks

Hackers use sophisticated tactics to overwhelm networks, both as tools of protests and as ruses to distract from serious crimes.