Roger GrimesColumnist, InfoWorld

Roger A. Grimes is an InfoWorld contributing editor. Roger holds over 40 computer certifications and has authored eight books on computer security. He has been fighting malware and malicious hackers since 1987, beginning with disassembling early DOS viruses. He currently runs eight honeypots to track hacker and malware behavior and consults to companies from the Fortune 100 to small businesses. A frequent industry speaker and educator, Roger currently works for Microsoft as a principal security architect.

We're Doomed to Insecurity In the Cloud and On Thin Clients

Every new technology brings the same old security vulnerabilities, along with new ones.

Everything is Hackable, and Cyber Criminals Can't Be Tracked

Until we fix the Internet, committing cyber crimes will remain ridiculously easy and low risk

Privacy Matters: Companies Had Better Prepare

Data breaches and mobile tracking have raised alarms; companies need to have a handle on user privacy or risk unwanted attention.

The Internet Should Not Be Anonymous

The notion of national Internet ID riles up privacy advocates, but an Internet with total anonymity is total anarchy

Stuxnet Marks the Start of the Next Security Arms Race

More damaging to Iran's nuclear facilities than bombs, Stuxnet worm demonstrates cyber warfare is next big threat

Five Password-Security Myths Dispelled

Passwords are a critical line of defense between your sensitive data and prying eyes, so separating fact from fiction about password security is a must

Sowing the Seeds for a Safer Internet

Services from Google, Comcast, and Microsoft could lay the foundation for worldwide warning system to quash malware.

Fraudsters Hone Attacks with Spear Phishing

New breed of phishing dupes even the savviest of users into opening security holes

Your Enterprise's Biggest Risk Comes from Within

If you can successfully educate users to not accidentally install malware, you'll immediately eliminate the biggest risk in your environment. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Is the Chinese Government Really Behind Cyberattacks?

Circumstantial evidence alone should not condemn Beijing of sponsoring hacking of U.S. companies.

Windows 7 Security: What You Need to Know, Part Three

AppLocker wards off Trojan attacks by preventing users from launching forbidden files and apps.

Windows 7 Security: What You Need to Know, Part Two

XP Mode can solve app compatibility issues that arise when migrating to Windows 7.


Windows 7 Security: What You Need to Know, Part One

In part one of this three-part series, get explanations and recommendations about key security improvements in Windows 7.

2009: Another Bad Year for Data Security

Analysis: Despite some improvements in patching and mail security, we've made very little progress against stopping cybercriminals

Web Services Should Add 'Scam Protection'

If Yahoo and Google already search e-mail to generate targeted ads, why not targeted warnings?