Macro ToolsWorks

Macro, scripting, menu making tool to make you a god to your software.


Teach your mouse new tricks with this gesture-recognition program.

Free Spider

This is solitaire for grownups and includes five different versions.


Fly like a New Age Peter Pan

Tumiki Fighters

Blow enemy planes scoop their parts and they become part of your plane. Why didn't we think of that?

Double Wires

The game's humanoid figure shoots sticky strands from his wrists as he swings among abstract blobs.


Adrenalin pumping music, abstract art work, and plenty of action, make this game a winner.

Scorched 3D

Missles, multiple-warhead rockets, custom battle fields, who could ask for more?

Astro Battle 2

Build your own deadly fighting machine, complete with thrusters and canons.

And Yet It Moves

A unique graphical environment and the affects of gravity make this side-scrolling game worth a look.

Fly Guy

A simple game with simple graphics that's simply fun.

Frantic Killer

The title says it all.

The Restaurant

How weird are you? Find out this simulation, which includes a personality test.

Every Extend

Warning Forever

Vent some aggression before you take it out on the next person to wish you a "nice day."