Google Glass how-to video shows off the interface

Google has released a getting started video for its Glass wearable computer, demonstrating some of its basic interface features.

TomTom ditches Nike for new GPS sport watches

After partnering with Nike to produce the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, TomTom has decided to produce its own range of sport watches without any additional help. The Dutch company announced two new GPS watches overnight, the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport.


BlackBerry Bold Touch Leaked Into the Wild

RIM's latest BlackBerry will combine a touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard in a candybar-style design, according to leaked images.

What's Apple's Plan for the iPad 2?

Apple's iPad 2 is reportedly just weeks away from becoming a reality. What does Apple have up its sleeve to entice consumers in 2011?


Pitch Imperfect: 10 Lousy Celebrity Endorsements

A roundup of the worst celebrity product endorsements, including tech companies that really should have known better.

Apple's iPad, Laughably Lampooned

Apple fan-boys and fan-girls, cover your eyes! This roundup of iPad parodies runs the gamut from amusing to ROTFL.