New Trojan Threat Emerges

BitDefender is warning about a new software spy that seeks and shares data.

Black Hats are Winning, Symantec Says

Traditional security technologies are losing the battle against the black hats and malicious code writers, according to digital security specialists Symantec.

iPhone Gets a Boost in Asia

Asia is leading global iPhone growth, according to researchers at AdMob.


Asia Businesses Weather Regular Cyberattacks

Vast majorities of Asia Pacific enterprises have experienced cyberattacks in the past year, research reveals.

Microsoft Defends Browser Patch

Last week's update addreses Internet Explorer vulnerability that allowed hack.

Windows 7 Will Change Everything, Analysts Say

Frost & Sullivan says Windows 7 makes history as it "breaks the link" between operating system and hardware upgrade cycles.

Firewall Flaws and How to Fix Them

Firms Warned About Ineffective Firewall Strategies

Video Expected to Rule Mobile Web Within 5 Years

Nearly two-thirds of all mobile traffic will be video by 2013, Cisco predicts.

Skype Growing by 380,000 Users a Day

The number of its users is growing by the population of Singapore (more than four million) every 12 days and nearly a third of...

Vista Customer Satisfaction Climbs, Microsoft Claims

Complaints that enterprise customers haven't warmed to the operating system simply aren't so, Microsoft declares.


Most Mobile Users? Asia

Asia will be home to more than half of the world's mobile connections by 2011, according to research house Ovum.

IT Security Hinders Innovation, IDC Says

Organizations struggle for balance between promoting innovations and ensuring security.

Will Instant Messaging Overtake E-Mail?

As the workplace becomes 'hyper-connected,' instant communications are expected, IDC reports.