U.S., China lead in e-waste, forecast to grow 33% by 2017

Annual e-waste production over the next five years is expected to be to weigh the same as almost 200 Empire State Buildings.

Wheelchair-bound can navigate via tongue piercing

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a way for someone to navigate a computer or steer a wheelchair using a tongue piercing and sensors.

tim berners-lee

Berners-Lee blasts surveillance as a threat to democracy

Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee is warning that government surveillance and censorship will threaten the democratic nature of the web.

Intel, NXP team on computers that take wireless transactions

Online shoppers will be able to pay by tapping a contactless card or an NFC-enabled mobile phone against their PC or laptop.

rolls royce

Rolls-Royce weighs 3D printers to make jet engine parts

Rolls-Royce is evaluating using 3D printing technology to create lighter components for its jet engines, the company's head of technology strategy said.

Google invests $608 million in Finnish data center

Google is investing $608 million into its Finnish data center in a bid to meet mobile video demand.


Berners-Lee urges countries toward open data strategy

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the world wide web, called on governments around the world to open up their data to the public.

facebook privacy

Facebook considers friending your mouse tracks

Facebook is reported to be contemplating a technology that will allow it to track the cursor movements of its users.

Europe claims satellites enable total broadband coverage

The European Commission (EC) claims that basic broadband is now available to every house in Europe.

3D printer prices will drop as sales climb, Gartner predicts

The number of 3D printers sold is set to double by 2015 despite hype outpacing what's technically possible, according to IT analyst firm Gartner.

facebook servers

Facebook's eco strategy features spuds in servers

Facebook revealed that it tried using potatoes in its servers to make them more environmentally friendly, as part of its green data center effort.