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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor based in Silicon Valley. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy."

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX523 Review: Sub-$1000 HDTV Offers So-So Video, Great Audio

Sony's 46-inch Bravia KDL-46EX523 is a fairly basic 46-inch LED-backlit 1080p HDTV with Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in apps, and decent image quality.


Facebook App Center to Offer Mobile App Promotion, Paid App Option

Facebook's app store isn't really about selling apps. It's about promoting social apps that use a Facebook login, and promoting Facebook as a platform in general.

Facebook's Social Reader Users are Fleeing in Droves

Social reader apps are basically the digital equivalent of inviting people to read over your shoulder, so it's good riddance to them.

Origin EON17-S Review: 11 Pounds of Power

The EON17-S is bulky, heavy, and generic-looking, but it's an excellent performer.

Does Faster Internet Access Lure Piracy?

Google is laying down fiber in Kansas City, and Hollywood is worried about one thing only: movie piracy.

Top Geeky Watches: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Strange

These high-tech watches put some swagger into your inner geek.

Mozilla Criticizes CISPA for Having Broad, Alarming Reach

The head of Mozilla's Privacy and Public Policy Department said the measure before Congress goes far beyond Internet security.

How to Increase Your Klout Score

Learn what a Klout score is, how it works, and how you can make it work for you.

Kickstarter Funding Request Exposed as Scam

Developers behind a video game called 'Mythic:The Story of Gods and Men' wanted $80,000 to get the project rolling.

Samsung Series 9 Review: Ultra-thin, but Hard to Use

The Series 9 is a tantalizing machine that fills the niche of the 15-inch Ultrabook, but I know Samsung can do a better job on the input devices.

Six-Guns Review: This Western Lacks a Plot, Doesn't Lack Bugs

Gameloft's Six-Guns looks great at first, but it lacks a storyline and suffers from serious glitches.


Siine Keyboard Review: The Keyboard for Frequent, Hurried Texters

Siine is a replacement keyboard that offers up preset phrases and words as cute, colorful icons.


Minecraft Pocket Edition Review: Build Blocky Masterpieces on the Go

Minecraft PE offers a nice balance between the classic desktop version of the game and optimization for a mobile platform.


'Hurt Locker' Studio Sues 2,514 Over Copyright Infringement

Voltage Pictures has filed a new lawsuit against 2,514 unnamed defendants, all of whom are accused of illegally downloading the Academy Award-winning movie.

Senate Passes Bill Requiring Black Boxes in All New Cars

Starting in 2015, all new commercial automobiles will be equipped with Event Data Recorders.