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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor based in Silicon Valley. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy."

Sprint to Start Taking Pre-Orders for LG Viper on April 12

The device is LG's first that will be available with an unlimited data plan on Sprint’s 4G LTE network.


Girls Around Me: One Woman's Defense of the 'Stalking' App

The only thing the Girls Around Me app is going to do is make socially awkward nerds even more socially awkward.


Origin Chronos: Awesome Things in a Small Space

This low-profile performance machine is really, really fast.

Samsung Series 5 Ultra: Slim and Stylish, but Not an Ultrabook

Although the Series 5 is a good ultraportable laptop, it's too thick and heavy to be an Ultrabook.

Facebook Password Amendment Rejected by Congress

The amendment would have given the FCC the power to stop employers from asking job applicants for their password to Facebook and other social networking sites.

How Tech Patent Lawsuits Hurt Real People

A patent lawsuit between a David and Goliath in the tech world threatens to silence a four-year-old girl, parents claim.


7 Great All-in-One Desktop PCs

All-in-one PCs are zippy, stylish, and just plain practical. Here's why your next PC probably won't be a tower.

Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7170 Review: Is 'Entry-Level Desktop Replacement' an Oxymoron?

This Qosmio might be a match for you if you need a budget-friendly laptop that can play games at an acceptable level.

Froad Review: Bug Eating at Its Finest

This simple bug-catching game is surprisingly addictive.


It's Tyrannosaurus Rex! Review: Learn How to Say 'Ankylosaur' Correctly

This illustrated kids book is informative and interactive.


Treasures of Mystery Island Review: Uninspired Gameplay and Story

This hidden-object puzzle game suffers from a weak and uncreative plot.


Be Don Draper: 8-Bit Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Try your hand at running a 1960s advertising agency in this interactive YouTube game.


Israel Law Requires Magazines to Disclose Photoshopped Models

New legislation in Israel bans the use of malnourished models in ads and requires publications disclose any Photoshopping that has been done to make models look thinner.

How to Stay Below Your Data Cap on Android

10 easy tips to help Android users avoid cellular overage charges and data throttling.


Truffula Shuffula Review: Bejeweled With a Dr. Seuss Twist

This Lorax-themed game is a cute, casual match-three puzzler.