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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor based in Los Angeles. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy."

tech support primary

10 things you say during family tech support

Mom, I promise, you do not need to read every single pop-up window before you close it.

the list new phone

The List: Should you get a new phone?

Our convenient list will totally help you decide your smartphone future.

the list smartphone injuries

10 smartphone injuries that can easily be avoided

Your smartphone is killing you, and it’s your own fault.

the list show you care with phone

10 ways you show someone you care (with your smartphone)

Forget candy and flowers. Letting someone use your portable battery pack to charge their phone, when your phone is also running low, is true love.

SimpleHuman Wide-view Sensor Mirror

Simplehuman Wide-view Sensor Mirror review: You’re so vain, you probably think this mirror is about you

This app-enabled ‘smart’ mirror is beautiful, but pricey.

the list ditch texting line main image

10 reasons to ditch SMS for over-the-top messaging apps

All the cool kids are using Line and WhatsApp. What’s your excuse?

the list ridiculous phone features

10 ridiculous phone features nobody needs

It’s hard enough to keep one screen from getting cracked…but two?

the list texting habits primary

10 texting habits you need to break

By the time you figure texting out, texting will be obsolete.


the list smartphone resolutions

10 smartphone resolutions to make (and keep) this year

Let 2016 be the year of cleaner smartphones and fewer notifications!


main slide

14 of the most-promising new headphones we listened to at CES 2016

In the market for new headphones? There's a good chance you'll find your next favorite pair in this collection.


10 jaw-droppingly impressive loudspeakers from CES 2016

We went to Vegas in search of audio heaven, and we found it.


These exotic turntables will have vinylphiles drooling

Many music lovers prefer vinyl LP records over even the highest-definition digital recordings. Getting the most out of vinyl requires a finely crafted, precision turntable. Here are seven beauties.

main slide

12 noteworthy Bluetooth speakers we’re looking forward to reviewing this year

If you haven’t listened to Bluetooth speakers lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

main photo

13 earbuds that will make you rethink portable audio

The vast majority of the earbuds we're seeing at CES 2016 are wireless models.