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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor based in Los Angeles. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy."

flo testing watches

10 reasons a smartwatch is absolutely essential

Smartwatches are as game-changing as mobile phones! Or the Internet! Or sliced bread!


thelist embarrass primary

10 ways your phone has embarrassed you in public

Your smartphone is even better than your mother at humiliating you in public.

the list phone lazy primary

10 embarrassingly lazy things you do with your phone

Texting your roommate to get you something from the kitchen? Check.

first world problems

10 real emergencies solved by your phone

By 'real emergencies' we mean 'totally trivial first world problems,' of course.

Phaz P2 headphones

Phaz P2 headphones review: These phone-charging headphones need work

These cans will charge your phone while you listen to music—sort of.


the list sneaky carrier charges

10 sneaky charges carriers tack onto your phone bill

You might think you’re only going to pay $50 per month, but you’re wrong.


Fitnatic Nourish

FitNatic Nourish delivers custom supplement blends on demand

This $500 counter-top device promises to revolutionize your nutrition regimen.

thelist smartphone can kill you

10 ways your smartphone could kill you

Or: 10 reasons you need to lock your smartphone in a safe and throw away the key.

the list flying with phone primary2

The ups and downs of flying with your phone

Phones make air travel more convenient…and more stressful. Awesome.

the list new vs old phone

The List: New phone vs. Old phone

When you first get your phone, it’s the magical device that answers all your prayers. But two years later you can’t even pay someone to steal it from you.

the list phone makes you less productive

9 ways your smartphone is making you less productive

You’re constantly connected to the Internet–does that make you more productive or more distracted?

break iphone crack broken

15 stupid ways you break your phone

You put it in your pocket and sat on it. Whoops.

How to create an insane multiple monitor setup with three, four, or more displays

The more displays your computer has, the better—but there are considerations to keep in mind as you move into extreme multi-monitor setups for enhanced productivity and gaming.

the list give child phone primary

10 reasons not to give your kid your smartphone

Don't be the parent who uses your smartphone as a pacifier!

Use your TV as a computer monitor: Everything you need to know

Will that big, sexy screen look as good on your desk as it does in your living room? Let's dig into the specifics of using an HDTV with your PC.