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Sarah Mitroff is a tech reporter who loves gadgets, Android, pretty space photos, and all things Minecraft. She eagerly awaits the day when her entire home is automated.

Review: Hex's Code Folio protects your iPad with sleek business style

Though the Hex Code Folio is a bit heavy and bulky, it makes up for it in solid performance as a case and stand.

Review: Sena Magia Zip case for the iPad is easy on the eyes, yet hard to use

The case sports a nice leather exterior and sleek style, but it lacks functionality. It’s much too bulky to use, unless you’re taking notes on a table and can lay the case out flat.

Review: Rokform’s RokShield V3 for iPhone 5 offers rugged protection without getting in the way

Rokform’s RokShield V3 offers substantial protection without the bulk, and also has a built-in mount.

Review: MapiCase's Orion case for the iPhone 5 offers more style than protection

The Mapi Orion might win you some style points, but it’s not the case for you if you’re rough with your iPhone.

Craft your own cotton candy machine from an old hard drive

Using a few things you probably have around the house and an unused hard drive, you can make your own state fair confection.

MakerBot teams with Ouya to let you print your own game console shell

3D-print the console in any color you like, gaming console guts not included.

Meet Arduino 1.0: The Official Software Release Is Here

Attention DIY fans: Get the official 1.0 release of the Arduino software and development tools.

Finally, Some Privacy! Cool LCD Monitor Hack Helps Keep Your Secrets

Modified LCD monitor allows you, and only you, to see what’s on the screen.

All I Want For Geekmas: Sarah’s Geeky Hanukkah Wish List

The GeekTech bloggers share what's on their holiday wish list. Read on to get some gift ideas for the geeks in your life. First up: Sarah Mitroff.

The Cake Is a Lie? Fine, I’ll Take These Portal LED Flashlights Instead

Straight from the popular Portal series come LED flashlights in the likeness of a turret and Wheatley.

Get the iPhone 4S to Work on T-Mobile Without Hacking

Some ingenious modders figured out how to get the iPhone 4S to run on T-Mobile without jailbreaking it or hacking the hardware.

Lego People Are Just Like Us On the Inside

What's inside a Lego minifigure? Sculpture artist Jason Feeney gives a look at Lego anatomy.

Happy Birthday, 4004! Intel's First Microprocessor Turns the Big 4-0

Intel celebrated the 40th birthday of the 4004, the first all-in-one CPU. Read on to see what one of its designers has to say.

Combining Technology, Science, and Art With Luke Jerram

British artist Luke Jerram uses new tech like 3D printing and science to create incredible works of art.