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the list selfies kim primary

10 selfie tricks that actually work

Want to look instantly put together? Then stop taking selfies in your messy bathroom.


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8 smartphone injuries that can seriously affect your future

Simply using your smartphone can be bad for your body.


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The List: 10 apps for ridiculously lazy people

Your smartphone can help you take laziness to the next level.


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Pokémon Go FAQ: The beginner's guide on how to catch 'em all

Not sure which team to join? Don't know the difference between a regular Poké Ball and a Great Ball? And where do these Pokémon hang out? This guide is here to help.

the list better person2

10 ways your phone makes you a better person

Think of all the trees you’ve saved by texting your BFF instead of writing them 1000-page letters.

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10 ways your phone is making you fat

10,000 steps is not a real workout.


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8 insider tips to help you become a Pokémon Go master

Grab Pikachu as your first Pokémon, choose your ‘eeveelution,’ and reclaim your phone’s battery life with these Pokémon Go tips.

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10 tips to help you beat smartphone addiction

It actually is possible to go to the bathroom without your phone. Who knew?


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8 ways history would have been ruined by technology

But there are plenty of world leaders who could have benefited from Snapchat.


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9 things we used to distract ourselves before we had phones

We’ve been avoiding real-life conversation forever. It's just easier these days.


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11 ways smartphones make real-life conversations better

Are smartphones killing conversations, or enhancing them?


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10 reasons not to text and walk at the same time

The second you look down at your phone, the world turns on you.


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10 times you secretly wished you had an iPhone

You’re totally on Team Android, until your mom wants to FaceTime.


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10 struggles iPhone users will never understand

A phone that’s more than two years old? The horror!