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Scot Finnie is Computerworld's editor in chief.

Playing the Wrong Hand With Windows 8

Microsoft is gambling its reputation with its upcoming operating system.

Are Tablets Inevitable as PC Replacements?

Tablets are making huge inroads, but PCs aren't even close to being dead yet.

How Steve Jobs' Obstinance Changed Tech

Analysis: The unique visionary left an indelible mark on the computer industry and an impact unlikely to be matched.

Hands On with Verizon IPhone 4

A look at the pros and cons of the Verizon iPhone 4. A hands on first look.

Getting IT Set for Mobile

IT shops are moving to address mobility issues, according to new research by Computerworld.

5 Trends for 2011

Efficiency, mobility, and changing assumptions about how we work are the focus for the year ahead.

iPad and iOS: Anatomy of a Love-Hate Relationship

Months later, my ardor has cooled over the iPad, and I've finally figured out why: I'm just not that jazzed about iOS.


BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp and CTO Kia Behnia

BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp talks about his company’s cloud strategy, why BMC thinks IBM and HP are the wrong answer for management buyers, and how BMC’s acquisitions...