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Rewriting Internet History

Rewriting history for political purposes used to be a favorite pastime in the old Soviet Union.

Is Apple Destroying the Internet?

Google co-founder Sergey Brin claims Facebook and Apple are clear dangers to the Internet.

Apple's Gatekeeper: A Low Cost for Partial Security

Apple's Mountain Lion will reportedly have lots of new features. This column will examine just one of the new features, one that, while good, has not yet included all the functions of its iOS prototype.

Europe Cares About Privacy, So You Must Too

In late January, the European Commission published a proposal "on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data."

Science, Technology, and Politicians

What is it about politicians that makes them believe that they, with a few minutes' cursory review, know better than people who have studied in an area for decades?

The Internet Has Escaped the Ax, At Least for Now

But the Internet as we have grown to know it remains under relentless attack.

GPS on the Run?

The Supreme Court earlier this month heard arguments on a relatively common drug case, but there is a chance for this case to set the groundwork, for good or ill, on resolving most of the issues I discussed recently regarding the murky state of privacy protections from the government in the United States.

Internet Privacy: Cookies as a Weapon

In November 2009 the European Parliament approved a directive on Internet privacy that, among other things, required user opt-in before websites could install...

Cyberwar and Cyber-Isolationism

There has been a bit of a splash in the press recently about a mention by former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden of the idea of creating new, extra secure internets for government or commerce.

Eyes in Their Ankles: The Congressional View of Network Neutrality

For quite a while I've been baffled by the inability of too many members of Congress to understand the importance of the network neutrality discussion.

Must You Let Your App Be Tapped?

Law enforcement has a problem, and you may be part of it if you make a Web app. When the FBI comes knocking, it may ask you to hand over communications made by your users.

How Long Would Your Business Last Without the Internet?

Egypt's decision to turn off the Internet and cell phones in an effort to stop Egyptians from talking with each other and plotting against the government has put businesses in that country in a fix.

Goodbye Internet, We Hardly Knew Ye?

Analysis: The Internet, as we once knew it, will be under renewed attack next year.


WikiLeaks Is Not the Actual Problem

Another day, another quarter of a million confidential government documents released via WikiLeaks.

The Beatles and iTunes: Looking Beyond the Hype

The fact that all this attention was paid over making a bunch of old recordings available in yet another way tells us quite a bit about how things work in the music business these days.