Active Keys

A tool for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys).

U3 LaunchPad Removal Tool (for SanDisk USB Drives)

Remove the U3 LaunchPad program from your SanDisk USB drives.

PortableApps Suite Light

Put a full set of programs on a tiny USB drive with this free suite.

BeInSync File Sync Service

A professional level file sync tool, but lack of online storage means you have access to files only on connected systems.

SugarSync File Sync Service

Great for photography buffs who also need file syncing, but less practical for the serious business user.


Syncplicity File Sync Service

Almost every feature you'd want in an easy-to-use file-sync interface, although the initial sync is slow.


Stay in Sync

New, affordable Web-based services can automatically keep your data accessible--and up-to-date--on multiple PCs. We tested five services to see which can best wrangle your files.

Microsoft Live Mesh File Sync Service

Microsoft has sacrificed usability to provide a pretty interface in this powerful but unnecessarily clumsy file-sync service.

Dropbox File Sync Service

Service offers simple file sync and backup, but forces you to do all your sync management from one unmovable folder.

Universal Viewer (ATViewer) Free

With this freebie, see what's in your files without opening them.

FastStone Capture

Nab images with this powerful screen capture tool.

How to Speed Up Windows Vista

Vista's Service Pack 1 may not give your system much more oomph, but here are other ways to speed Vista up.



Watch streaming Internet TV from all over the world with this freebie.


Delete files securely--no matter where you are--with this portable shredding program.

U3 LaunchPad Removal Tool (for non-SanDisk USB Drives)

Remove the U3 LaunchPad program from USB drives made by a company other than SanDisk.