U3 LaunchPad Removal Tool (for non-SanDisk USB Drives)

Remove the U3 LaunchPad program from USB drives made by a company other than SanDisk.

winPenPack Launcher

Launch your portable applications with this versatile freebie.


Launch your portable applications with this freebie.

U3 LaunchPad Installer

Add U3 LaunchPad program to your SanDisk USB drives.


Carry a full software suite on a USB drive.


This archiving program lets you encrypt your data--even on a flash drive.

HD Tach

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Put spam in its place with this Bayesian-filter tool, which also uses whitelists and blacklists.

Folder Guide

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CO2 Saver

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Hazard Shield

Check for malware with this fast, full-feature--and free--scanner.


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JR Screen Ruler

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Send To Toys

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Check for typos in any word processor--or even in WordPad or clipboard.