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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

Kindle Paperwhite review: Ebook reader gets warmer, faster

The new Kindle Paperwhite is like the old one, but with a better backlight and upgraded software.


Amazon Updates Kindle for Mac

Kindle for Mac, Amazon's Mac application that allows you to read Kindle e-books on your computer, has been updated and given a fresh coat of paint.

Kindle App Now Available for IPad

Many are proclaiming the iPad a Kindle killer--but it seems no one told Amazon. The e-book vendor updated its free Kindle app to add compatibility for the iPad...

NPR Releases IPad App, IPad-friendly Site

You're listening to NPR...on your iPad. That's right, National Public Radio has an iPad application ready and waiting for your listening (and reading) pleasure...

Apple Refunds Expedited Shipping Charges for IPads

The morning of March 12, 2010, I roused myself from a deep slumber a little before 8:20 a.m. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I walked to my Mac Pro and began to...

BookArc for IPad Cradles Your IPad, So You Don't Have to

Don't your arms get a little tired from holding your iPad all day long? OK, so no one, outside of a chosen few, have experienced iPad-fatigued appendages as of...