Proposed Law Saves Internet User Data

As a campaign against child predators online, Congress is considering bills ordering any Wi-Fi hotspot to retain Internet user data for up to two years.

YouTube Adds Video Downloads

Site offers a (very) limited collection of videos for download so you can watch them offline.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Expansion Steals Free Xbox Live

Microsoft and Rockstar team to promote GTA expansion, including a sampling of Xbox Live service.

Next for iPhone: Multitasking?

We've heard a lot of buzz about push notifications, but Apple may not be eager to add this function to the iPhone.


DTV Delay: A Good Idea

With so many people unprepared for the switch to digital TV signals, the government did the right thing.

Facebook Draws Twice the Traffic of MySpace

MySpace isn't matching Facebook's rapid growth in new members and could lose its crown as the leading social networking site.

COPA Child-Porn Law Killed

Supreme Court won't hear appeals against banning the Child Online Protection Act.

Technology Offers a Bird's Eye View of Inauguration

GeoEye offers a gallery of downloadable satellite images capturing the inauguration day scene of an overflowing mall.

Social Network Sites Not Just For Teens

New study finds that many adults are using the sites, too--and you may be surprised to find out which social networking sites they're using.

Hacked Modems Land Seller in Court says it sells the modems for educational use only, but a lawsuit claims the seller is actually promoting them as a way to steal Internet access.

Windows 7 Beta Fights with Antivirus Programs

The prerelease version of the next Windows doesn't play nicely with many current virus protection programs, leaving PCs vulnerable while running the Win 7 beta.


Burger King Asks You to Choose: Friends or Food?

Facebook app will give you a coupon for a free whopper--if you drop some of your friends.

Refurbished iPhones Land at Best Buy

You can pick up a slightly used iPhone marked down at Best Buy; take that, Wal-Mart!


Blu-ray Dominates Christmas Sales

British holiday shoppers snapped up Blu-ray devices; what about the rest of the world?


Online Shoppers Satisfied, Survey Shows

As more of us opt to deal with ISPs and virtual shopping carts over brick-and-mortar storefronts, customer satisfaction becomes a priority for online retailers.