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Password Safe

Keep hard-to-remember, hard-to-crack passwords in this encrypted database.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser enhances your copy of Internet Explorer, even if you've upgraded to IE7, with ad-blocking and other handy features.


SeaMonkey updates the classic Netscape browser/mail/HTML editor suite with modern features. for Linux

Enjoy this full-featured, free, open-source office suite for your Linux machine.

Scribus for Linux

Design professional-looking docs with this desktop publisher for Linux.

Ubuntu Linux: The Easy Installation Guide

By default, the easy installation for Ubuntu Linux leaves many of the operating system's best and most basic features partly disabled or limited. We show you how to bring out the full potential of this free OS.


How to Set Up a Cross-Platform Network

If your employees use a collection of Macs and PCs running OS X, Windows, and Linux, don't worry: These three operating systems can communicate on a single network.

Get Started With Virtual Machines

Virtualization is the safe, easy way to run any operating system on your PC or to run multiple OSs simultaneously. Here's how to add virtual computers to your system right now, using powerful free tools.


Move Your Business From Windows to Linux

If the cost of Windows is getting your small business down, consider shifting to Linux.

Linux Replacements for Your Favorite Windows Apps

You may be intrigued by the idea of switching to Linux. But how will you get your job done without your favorite Windows programs? These 18 great open-source apps make life with Linux easier.


GIMPshop for Linux

Having trouble keeping up with The GIMP? Try this Photoshop-like version on your Linux system.


Get the power of PVR for your Ubuntu Linux system.


Build a PVR for your Linux system with this freebie.


Rip, burn, and do all that good CD/DVD stuff with this Linux program.


Make VoIP calls to Windows Messenger and other SIP-compatible programs from your Linux PC.