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Serdar Yegulalp is a senior writer at InfoWorld, focused on the InfoWorld Tech Watch news analysis blog and periodic reviews. Before joining InfoWorld, Serdar wrote for the original Windows Magazine, Information Week, the briefly resurrected Byte, and a slew of other publications. When he's not covering IT, he's writing SF and fantasy published under his own personal imprint, Genji Press.


Apache Software Foundation may have hit a midlife crisis

The Apache Software Foundation has had a profound impact in shaping the open source movement and the tech industry at large. But tensions inside and around the nonprofit are raising questions about its ongoing role in open source projects today.

4 video editors that are up to the task for both amateurs and pros

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, CyberLink PowerDirector 11 and Sony Vegas Pro 12 are suitable for the ambitious amateur or for the professional who wants to complete a quick project.

How to make the most of free Amazon business services

If you avoid some gotchas and keep a close eye on resource usage, you can have a handy server in the Amazon cloud for free.

5 excellent uses of Windows 8 Hyper-V

With virtualization in Windows 8, you can create an app sandbox, run a test machine, launch a VHD appliance, and more.

Unleash your router's true power with open-source firmware: 6 options

You can do better than your router's stock firmware. DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT, M0n0wall, PfSense, and Vyatta suit a wide range of devices.

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6 Data Recovery Tools for SD Cards, USB Drives and More

Have a damaged USB thumb drive or memory card? These applications can help you save your data.

Roundup: 6 Data Recovery Tools for Portable Storage

Have a damaged USB thumb drive or memory card? These applications can help you save your data.

Open Source Google Chrome Remixes: 6 Browsers Worth Trying

Chromium-based spinoffs bring privacy, security, social networking, and other interesting twists to Google's Chrome browser.

The Best Android Apps for Boosting Battery Life

The single most common complaint you'll hear about any smartphone is how lousy the battery life is.

Teach Your Router New Tricks With DD-WRT

With each passing year, hardware devices grow less dependent on proprietary components and more reliant on open source technologies.

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When a Cloud Service Vanishes: How to Protect Your Data

More and more, we rely on Web services as a matter of course. What happens when a service disappears?

Creating an E-book: Tips on Document Formatting

After years of marginal acceptance, e-books have finally started to eclipse their printed-and-bound ancestors.

Speech Recognition: Your Smartphone Gets Smarter

Speech recognition technology is being put to use in phones, driving its use and development in directions it might never have headed on the desktop.

Video Editors for Tech-Savvy Business Users

Most video editing software suites are aimed at either the consumer or the video pro. But what about business users, who fall squarely in the middle?