Google's Nexus One Heads to Four Big US Networks

Android phone had a rocky start on T-Mobile, but availability on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint may boost its popularity.


Android Gains Market Share, Apple iPhone Slips

Android's growth has been pretty spectacular over the past few quarters according to Quantcast, a web analytics firm.


Google's Location-Based iPhone Search Is So Cool

Google basically can now be a better, location-aware, hyperlinked Yellow Pages.


If Google Leaves China, What Happens to YouTube and Android?

Dell just announced it will offer an Android-based phone in China, but what will happen if Google end its operations there?


Google's G-Drive: Super Cheap Hard Drive in the Sky

Google's cloud-based storage will hold up to 1 GB of any type of file for free. After that it will cost you 25¢ per GB per year.

MiFi: The Best Product of 2009

This year's game-changing product is from Novatel and it is called a MiFi, a super small card that's about the size of a third of a pack of playing cards.

Google's Nexus Will Change Smartphone Landscape

The Google Phone is going carrier-less -- and they have a monster VoIP plan to back it up.


Google Phone: Why I Think It's a Tablet

I don't doubt that Google is working on a device that you can use to make calls. But I don't think it's a phone in the traditional sense.


Android Hot on Windows Mobile's Heels, Per Analyst

The upstart Android OS, in its first year, is gaining on the decade-old Windows Mobile (CE) platform.


Dell's Android Phone for China and Brazil: How Bad Can it be?

Dell's Android phone is headed for China and Brazil - not U.S. Does this suggest the dell smartphone is less than impressive?


Google's Free Wi-Fi Gift: Lessons for Airports to Learn

Sure, it's nice to get free Internet access this holiday season. But why should we have to pay for it the rest of the year?

Google Gets Gizmo5, Strengthens Its VoIP Stance

Today, if the rumors are true, Google becomes a full point to point VoIP provider — here's how.


Google Dashboard: Your Services, All in One Place

View a demo of Google's new Web page where you can see how just how much of their data Google stores.

Verizon Answers AT&T Lawsuit with New Droid Ad

AT&T charges that the maps Verizon publishes could confuse consumers into thinking the white spaces on the map represent areas where AT&T lacks coverage.


Map Wars Begin: Google Introduces GPS App for Android, More to Enter Fray

Google introduces amazing GPS Navigator for Android 2.0, others coming