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Library of Congress, Google to Archive Twitter

Google isn't the only one getting in on the "Archiving all Tweets" act. The Library of Congress reveals — tweets, actually — that it will do the same.

Google Android-Powered TV to Debut This Fall

What will you be watching on TV this fall? If you get a Google Android-powered TV, you may be watching YouTube, Google Maps and the entire Web.


Will Android Surpass the iPhone?

New reports indicate that Apple's iPhone may not own a majority of the smartphone market anytime soon.


Does Google Really Need to be 'in' China?

Analysis: A savvy business can get a lot of work done with China without being on its shores, so Google's exit may not hamper its operations.

The iPad: A Great Car Accessory?

Analysis: Apple's mobile tablet may prove handy on the road . . . literally.


Apple Needs to Build a Mac Mini on Steroids

Here's how Apple could make a $1,000 speed demon Mac Mini that would be the perfect upper mid-range computer.

Will Apple App Store Ban Racy Books Too?

Now that Apple's banned most 'sexy' apps, will books like the Kama Sutra, Lolita or even the Bible be permitted when the iPad and its iBookstore come out?


Windows Phone 7 Series Is All About the Consumer

Did Microsoft just exit the enterprise with Windows Phone 7 Series?

Apple's Aperture 3 Freezes Some Users' Computers

After Apple released its pro photo editing app, support forums filled up with reports of memory leaks, frozen computers and "out of disk space" warnings.

Will Apple's New MacBook Pros Offer 3G Wireless?

It seems like a MacBook Pro update is coming, and Apple has been talking to wireless carriers about its iPad. So why not offer 3G on its laptops, too?