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Library of Congress, Google to Archive Twitter

Google isn't the only one getting in on the "Archiving all Tweets" act. The Library of Congress reveals — tweets, actually — that it will do the same.

Google Android-Powered TV to Debut This Fall

What will you be watching on TV this fall? If you get a Google Android-powered TV, you may be watching YouTube, Google Maps and the entire Web.


Will Android Surpass the iPhone?

New reports indicate that Apple's iPhone may not own a majority of the smartphone market anytime soon.


Does Google Really Need to be 'in' China?

Analysis: A savvy business can get a lot of work done with China without being on its shores, so Google's exit may not hamper its operations.

The iPad: A Great Car Accessory?

Analysis: Apple's mobile tablet may prove handy on the road . . . literally.


Apple Needs to Build a Mac Mini on Steroids

Here's how Apple could make a $1,000 speed demon Mac Mini that would be the perfect upper mid-range computer.