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Apple's 40GB AppleTV Slinks Away in the Night

Analysis: At the same time, 160GB AppleTV gets a price drop. So what does it all mean?


One More Thing: No Video for iPod touch

The mystery of the missing iPod touch camera — so what gives?


How Snow Leopard Can Make Your Mac Greener

Snow Leopard saves millions of kilowatt hours of electricity, making it a better environmental citizen.

Snow Leopard's Deep, Dark Secrets Revealed

Some things you might not know — but should — about Apple's Mac OS X upgrade.


Exploding iPods Draw Scrutiny in Europe

EU officials are looking into several reports of product malfunction, which Apple calls "isolated incidents."


New iPod in September?

Could be — Apple iPod event to be held September 9th, 2009 (09/09/09). Curious?


Does the Zune HD Have an Edge Over the Next-Gen iPod Touch?

Microsoft's Zune HD looks good, but does it have what it takes to outdo the rumored next-gen iPod Touch?


I Can Live Without Mac Office -- Perhaps You Can Too

Analysis: I recently got a new personal Mac and decided to wait as long as possible without installing Office. That was almost three months ago and I am still without.

Security Update Fixes Apple Vulnerability

Analysis: The timing is an indication of its importance, as there have been exploits reported in the wild.

Google's Schmidt Worked for Perks and Swag

Analysis: Google CEO Eric Schmidt worked on the Apple Board for gear only.

Who's Testing a Mac Pro That Doesn't Exist Yet?

Analysis: Someone is testing a Mac Pro that doesn't exist ... outside of Cupertino anyway.


Motorola's Android Phone: An iPhone with a Keyboard?

Analysis: Motorola's latest leaked Android phone bears a striking resemblance to a certain phone Cupertino makes — albeit with a slide-out keyboard.


Apple Kills Two Suits with One Stone

Analysis: By dropping its legal action against Bluwiki, Apple is now free from a countersuit that the Electronic Frontier Foundation dropped today.


Apple's Plans Revealed in its Earnings

Stellar financial reports also offer a hint of Apple's priorities in the months ahead.

Tech Bloggers Blast AT&T for Service Blunders

Analysis: AT&T's ability to stream visual voice messages stopped working two weeks ago for some people, and AT&T tried to bury the news.