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Apple's MacBook Strategy: Optical is Over

Analysis: SD should be arriving on the MacBook Air and the regular MacBook in the next updates — and it might replace the DVD drive on the next MacBook.

Will iPod Touch Camera Be Stellar — or So-So?

Analysis: If it is similar to the iPhone 3GS's 3 megapixel camera, I think it will be popular...but it isn't going to kill the point and click.


Report: Apple Bailing on NVIDIA

Apple may stop using NVIDIA chips in new Macs after negotiations between the companies come to a "bitter halt."

Beware Fees with 'Free' iPhone App

The AT&T Navigator GPS software is a Trojan horse into your wallet.

iPhone 3G S Launch: Cut the Lines

I won't be waiting in line to get my hands on the new iPhone 3G S, and I don't think I'm the only person who's skipping the launch party this year.


Apple Preparing to Launch a Digital Camera?

Device would be similar to an iPod Touch, but with a good camera and lens.


Google Android: Pretty as a Picture

Analysis: Google Android will operate on phones, netbooks and now photo frames.


No New iPhone This Year? Ha!

Think Apple is going to focus solely on Snow Leopard at this year's WWDC? Think again.


Apple iPhone 3.0: What We Know for Sure

Analysis: Mysteries about the iPhone's summer update remain, but the sun is shining on few new features of the upcoming release.


Why Sharing Board Members Is a Bad Idea

Analysis: Google CEO Eric Schmidt sits on the board at Apple. Whether or not that violates anti-trust legislation, it's dumb.

Google Hits TV with 11 Chrome Ads: See Them All

Analysis: Google hopes to chip away at market leader Internet Explorer, which despite its stronghold has fallen in recent years.

Developers Must Clear 3.0 Hurdle to Join iPhone App Store

Analysis: Apple announces that new iPhone apps will be tested to ensure they work properly on iPhone OS 3.0.


Running XP on a MacBook Pro

Analysis: Hey, Windows 7, my Mac supports virtual XP Mode!


Apple to Add 3G Radios to MacBooks?

We’ve heard the speculation before; now we have evidence to back it up.

Why Apple Doesn’t Need a Netbook

Recession? What recession? Apple’s ship just keeps on sailing.