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Amazon and iTunes' Variable Pricing is Screwy

How come Apple charges more for music than Amazon? Is Apple charging too much or is Amazon willing to lose money to gain market share.


ARM-Wrestling Competition for Chip Makers

Analysis: Think brand isn't important in processor sales? Then why is AMD close to bankruptcy while Intel is flying high?

Latest Microsoft/HP Ads Are Aimed at the Clueless

Analysis: There are plenty of good PCs on the market, but the ones in these ads aren't them.

Skype for iPhone: Bad News for AT&T?

This mobile VoIP app works so well, it could pose a problem for the telcos.


'MacBook Mini' Pics are Likely Fake -- But Drool-Inducing

Analysis: These spyshots are probably just nicely done Photoshop images. But Apple fanboys and fangirls can dream, can't they?

Google Apps Businesses Should Love Google Voice

Google is just entering the enterprise, yet is already out-innovating the rest of the Internet.

Will Apple IPhone Update Bring a Tablet Announcement?

Analysis: Tomorrow's Apple iPhone 3.0 event might reveal some real surprises. Here's why.

Apple Desktop Refresh Appears Imminent

Apple seems to be moving toward yearly hardware updates.

Discover Atlantis on Google!

Google really can find anything -- well, maybe.

Why the IPod Touch Should Be Cheaper

A price-drop would spike Apple's share of the gaming market and help sell more music, movies.


When IPhone Trumps the Desktop

These 10 tasks are simply easier on an iPhone.

The Woz Goes to Work

Analysis: Apple's fun cofounder has taken a straight job again, as a scientist for storage firm Fusion-io.

Ten Ways to Use Google Latitude

Security concerns aside, there are some fun ways you can use the service.


Macworld's a Yawn this Year, but CES Is Riveting

Interesting gadgets and technology pours out of Las Vegas.

Apple to Give iMovie Big Update: Rumor

According to rumors Apple will announce at Macworld that its video editing software iMovie will receive a big update.